Projectors !

Many Projecter models for View-Master
reels has been produced.
Most of them has a very simple construction
and are not able to project a 3D pictures.
The were manufactured mainly for children
and shows just one fram at time.
I you look at a ordinary V-M reel you will just
see one of the stereo pair frames.
Seven pictures. Some of the projectors
was delivered with special 14 picture reels,
just usable for projectors.

The fist projector was produced already 1947.
It was made in metal and had a built in pointer
and it was possible to reed the reel description.


The "S-1" model was produced int the beginning of the 50's and was pretty similar to the first one.The Lins was exchanged to a Wollensack lins and had a very stable construction Den var tänkt i första hand för skolor. It was mainly made for schools.


Stereomatic 500

The Stereomatic 500 stared to be produced 1953 and is the only V-M projector that can poject a treedimansional picture. With a silverscreen and stereo goggles the pictures could be viewed in 3D. Two pictures projects on same surface and are separated by polarization filters. The Stereomatic 500 was pretty expensive and are today pretty hard to get you hands on. I was manufactured in black och in two tone brown/beige color. At the end of the manufactoring it was released in all beige.



In the late 50's the Junior model was released. It was created as a toy for children.
Most common colors was black/grey and creme/maroon. The material was plastic and metal. I has a 30W lamp and the picture could be up to 16 inches wide.
Custom 300

The Custom 300 projector has a strong lamt at 300W to be able to project pictures up to 40 inches wide. It was created for bigger rooms and the lamp was cooled by a fan.

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Deluxe 100

The Deluxe 100W projector was a bit sheaper than the Custom 300. I could project a picture with a with up to 28 inches.
Standard 30 W

The Standard 30W model var was made for fa aily use and was sold in blue or gray color. It could project a picture with a width of up to 18 inches.
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In the end of the 60's the 411 model was released. The 411 was mad in black plastic and had a 100 W lamp. The lens was a 55mmf/3.
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The 511 model was also called "diplomat" and was very similar to the 411 model. The 511 model had a 50W halogenlamp that gave it a increased light beam.
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The 111 model was similar to the 411 and 511 model and had a 50W lamp with ar 75 mm f/3 lens.

The Entertainer

In the end of the 60's and the beggining of the 70's the Entertainer projecter was manufactured. It was made in plastic and easy to handle.


Talking Viewmaster Projector

The Talking View
Master projecter was manufactured in the 70's in green plastic.
A transparent plastic disc with sound recordings was mounted on a View Master Reel.
With the disc you was able to see pictures and hear sounds together with them.


A red and white backprojection projector was manufacured in the 70's. The picture quality wasn't that good.



The Supershow projector was manufactured in plastich and was released 1992.



projector was formed as a Flashlight with a slot to put the View Master Reel into. The picture could be up to 10 inches wide.


Jonas Janfelt