Hello & Wlecome!

Do you remember it ?

The Viewmaster !

When you picked it up the plactic binoculars
with the knob on the side, from the box.
Fumbeling with the reels.
How does it work now?
Off course! The nodges upwards !
Down with it in the slot.
Read in the litte window and then travell into the tree-dimensional fatasyworld.

Dolnald Duck, Mickey Mouse, pluto, Lassie, the TV-heroes, Bonanza, Batman and all wondrous places on our planet.

You almost could climb into these worlds, listen to the sounds and even smell the odour.

This site is dedicated to this loved toy that even has been used as a help in different domains.
Both military and schools used it.
The soldiers used it to learn about different military vehicles with the 3D-pictures.

I, myself has collect the viewmaster and all the accessories onlya couple of years.
I never have meet any viewmastercollector here in Sweden.
It would´ve been great to get in contact with anyone with the same interest here in Sweden.

Well, go to your loft, basement or storeroom, pick it up and enjoy it again.

News! It is now possible to order new manufacured reelmount from 3Dstereo.

Jonas Janfelt